Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A New Project, Dead Already

Last week I started a new blog, Un-F*** My Life. Today I've decided that it is a dead project.

The idea of the project was to reply to FML posts, taking each one at face value, in a sort of Dear Abby style. It was fun and it allowed me to address the annoying repetition of the FML posts. I think I was also able to make the point that many of those posts were easy to deal with so long as you had a modicum of maturity.

Everything died when I realized that since Friday I hadn't even had time to read FML, let alone comment on it. Of course, my little blog probably had no value to anyone but me anyway. So the effort required was far too much and the reward far too little. I even took FML out of my RSS reader. The project is dead on arrival.

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