Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Netflix Suggestions Know Me Better Than I Know Myself

I really like anime. There, I said it. Happy now, Netflix?

You've been telling me that I'd like all sorts of anime series for years now. I kept hitting the "Not Interested" rating. I kept watching all sorts of anime on Adult Swim and occasionally on DVDs from your service. Still, I rated the Anime & Animation category low and refused many of your suggestions.

I was kidding myself. I'm hopeless. Anime is a guilty pleasure, and I am guilty.

I know how terrible it can be. It tends to be weird and even annoying. I just can't help but like it, though. I finally gave in when I realized that I'd watched an entire 26 episode series on Hulu over the weekend.

So, tonight I cleared all of my Not Interested ratings and even added a few series to my queue. I just don't want to argue anymore. You obviously know better.

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