Sunday, February 1, 2009

Check Your Accounts

This piece of advice has been all over the place lately: Check your accounts. Do it now. Check your credit cards, redeem your points. Make sure your bank is still afloat, see if they lowered your savings interest rate. Review your expenses and see if there is a way to reduce them.

Tonight I received an email that my statement from AT&T Wireless was available. I logged in to check what was due. No overages, tons of roll over minutes, but that data plan price tag is a bummer. Then it clicked, we haven't been with AT&T for very long, yet we already have 2,400 roll over minutes accrued. Two clicks later I reduced the bill by $10 per month by lowering our plan to 550 minutes each month. Even if we have a busy month our roll over minutes will make up for it but we never came anywhere near the 700 minutes we were paying for.

If I can save $120 a year with 20 seconds of effort then you can probably save too. At the very least you'll know if anything has changed.

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