Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Cancelling Cable Update

Last time I wrote about canceling my cable service. Since then, I tried an antenna and I received my new VOIP package. I also investigated a little bit and found that I may be able to significantly save on my cable bill without completely canceling television service.

First, the VOIP. I haven't tried the new service, but I am impressed that it arrived so quickly. They are already processing the number port and they say it should happen this Friday.

Next is my disappointment with the first antenna experiment. I walked into the local Circuit City and bought an RCA ANT146. I was able to pick up two PBS channels in English, one of them HD, and around nine foreign language channels in standard and high definition. The major networks from New York were mostly static, and high def. was out of the question. I'm thinking of buying a Winegard SS-3000, which is highly rated on Amazon and seems to be made for the sort of situation I have. (My windows face away from the direction of the signal origin.)

Finally, I learned that the cable company still has a basic cable package for a mere $12 per month. That's $12 more than I want to give to the cable company, but it may be worth it to cover sports, news, and prime time. According to the cable company I need a cable box to receive the HD version of the broadcast networks, but I was able to pick up those channels without the box on my HDTV when I tested last night. If I have to settle for this package then I will be eating a quarter of my entertainment budget, but it may be better than antenna frustration and it's still almost $90 cheaper than the package I have now.

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